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2016학년도 MSM essay prompt

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2016학년도 Manhattan School of Music 에세이주제입니다. 매년 문의가 오는 사안이므로 미리 게재합니다. 참조 부탁합니다.
While your audition and music credentials give us an understanding of you as a musician, we'd like to get to know you a little more outside of your musical life. Please read the essay question below and provide your response in the field below. The answer should be between 500 and 750 words. You may want create your response in a word processing document (such as Microsoft Word) so that you can work on it separately, and then copy and paste it here when you are finished.(Please DO NOT mail us a copy of your essay.) Also, you should definitely have fun with your answer. This is your chance to cut loose and be creative. Show us the real you!
Tell us about your name. What does it mean? Does it have a special meaning? Do you think your name fits you? Finally, would you ever change your name; and if so, what name would you choose?
본인의 이름이 갖는 의미와 그 이름에 만족하는지, 만일 이름을 바꾼다면 어떤 이름이 될지, 또 왜 그런지에 대해서 입니다.


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